Nightfall at the Gate of Tears

by My Chauffeur Is A Bad Lover



inspired by my love of cinema and occasional chaos, and created out of a pressing and immediate need to put something out into the world tonight.

This is the polar opposite of easy listening. Ya'll know how I do. Improv, block by block, house by house. There are parts in which the keys were simply pounded as if I was tenderizing meat.

Much love to my longtime brothers in sound, Dropsy Twins, Machinate, Glasgow, Blackpool Astronomy and all you others...Let Us Rain Sonic Fury upon them and know that I love you all.


My roof needs thatching. I will thatch my roof with the skulls of my enemies. The best defense is a dirty offense. No offense....


released August 2, 2009
Aaron R.L. = samples, fx, noise etc.

*Boss Blues Driver BD-2, heavily hand-modded by David Thompson
*Casio CTK-720
*Marshall RG-1 Regenerator



all rights reserved


My Chauffeur Is A Bad Lover Tacoma, Washington

track by track improv recordings.quick and dirty, no editing or mastering, everything in one take.i strive to make original creations from stream of consciousness experimentation with a range of stompboxes and electronics.Aaron=aka 1Fed1Dead, former member of High Priests of Panic.50% of Skimask. ... more

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