Not lost, just wandering

by My Chauffeur Is A Bad Lover



More noise from my rough hands to your delicate ears. Best played loud. Overloaded psychedelic funnn! I don't need no steenking EQ. Banged out this lil' turkey in about 1.5 hours from conception> recording> bandcamp upload, and the wav upload is the part that takes forever and a day.


"Dreams and memories are made of the same sticky-sweet Universal residue, and It must have failed in a former existence, to take some greasy-black bullet, for a close comrade, last-life lover, friend, sister, brother, or Other. Redemption, and violent vengeance, is a promise, a vow, and a template, for lives lived over and over again."

ps: the words are there, you just won't hear 'em cuz they were recorded in a separate reality.


released July 13, 2009
Aaron Ricardo Lee, the first:
MXR Phase 90, MXR Bluebox, Electroharmonix LPB1, Boss DS-1 and guitar, keys and preset beat perversion



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My Chauffeur Is A Bad Lover Tacoma, Washington

track by track improv recordings.quick and dirty, no editing or mastering, everything in one take.i strive to make original creations from stream of consciousness experimentation with a range of stompboxes and electronics.Aaron=aka 1Fed1Dead, former member of High Priests of Panic.50% of Skimask. ... more

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